Art is my channel to spirit.
Through my art I hope to help the world create a mirror in their surroundings that reflects their dreams and empowers them to move beyond perceived limitations.
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My love for creating meaningful space runs deep. 
Since early childhood, I have used my own two hands to shape the world according to an inner vision.  In doing so, I have learned to transport myself from the proverbial valleys of life into beautiful worlds blossoming from within.  I believe that imagination and love are two of the most powerful tools in life, and I use them in all of my design work. 
  Growing up in a small Texas town sparked an affinity for wild open space, storytelling and warm southern charm.  I had the bare essentials, no frills and no fluff. As a result, I quickly learned to use my unique vision to create the surroundings I craved.  My parents taught me to be self-sufficient and to find the gems amongst the rubble, so I never fell for the lure of branding but - rather - enjoyed the treasure hunt.  In grade school, I began to create my spaces so that they reflected a story about who I aspired to become and how I wanted to feel, rather than the latest trend emerging amongst my peers.  During and after college, I began traveling extensively around the world finding inspiration in cultural diversity, spirituality, art and history.  Today travel remains an essential part of my life, as it feeds my creative spirit and offers unparalleled opportunity to integrate unique findings and ideas.
 My design style is resourceful, thoughtful and bold.  I encourage my clients to release what no longer serves them, repurpose meaningful items in an innovative way, and to selectively invite new pieces and arrangements that provoke positive growth.  By expressing one’s ideal story with decor, composition, energy and color, we create a nurturing environment, and facilitate a sense of belonging and purpose. Whether you hope to create an environment for restoration, inspiration, spiritual serenity or productivity together, we will shape a harmonious space that feeds, fuels and heals you.