Are you ready to move some energy around, clear the clutter, or just want to give your space a fresh feel?  I work with my clients on projects as small as redecorating a room, to completely redesigning the layout and decor of their interior space.  One of my favorite services to offer is a circular economy consultation where we review all that you have and decide how we can repurpose as much as possible in order to fit your evolving needs and desires.  I aim to help my clients design in a resourceful and sustainable way.  Whether you need help decorating or have a more in depth project, I am happy to meet with you.  Our first consultation is free of charge.  Once I have a thorough understanding of the project, I will create a proposal with images drawings and pricing.  Costs range depending on time and materials involved, but I only accept clients at a $500 minimum.  
Interior Design Services:
  • Personal Belonging Assessment, organization and clearing 
  • Furniture and Decor Sourcing - pulling from world travel, thrifting, and contemporary 
  • Custom Design and Alterations - creating specific pieces from new and repurposed materials
  • Project Management - working in conjunction with contractors, architects and the variety of skillsets it takes to bring your vision to life.
  • Installation - bring the concepts to life
  • Additions and Remodels in collaboration with an architect - conceptualize and design changes for more efficiency and lifestyle shifts.
  • Energetic Clearing + Arrangement - ridding negativity + increasing flow
  • Styling for photoshoots



I offer custom jewelry design for all occasions.  Please visit the Accessories page to learn more.