Vision Session

Let's develop the vision together.  This session will offer us the opportunity to dive in and discover the key elements that will guide us through the design process.   We will pull from the conscious and unconscious mind as we walk through a list of questions about your intentions.   What inspires you, how do colors affect your mood, what styles you are attracted to and most importantly, what do you want to accomplish with the space?  How do you want the space to move you?
Whether you want to design a space from scratch or rearrange and repurpose items you already own, I am here to guide and assist you.  There are many ways we can approach the process.  After our Vision Session, I will create an individualized map specific to your individual project.  This will be broken down into phases identifying specifics regarding sourcing, timeline, sketches, labor and pricing.
I welcome projects ranging the spectrum of size.  We can work on a quick room refresh, closet clean outs, an outdoor living space, revive old furniture, creating experiential design for your personal or business event, staging and styling a photoshoot, dreaming up creative retail space and the list goes on.  Feel free to bring any and all requests my way.  Include images and as much information in your initial inquiry as possible.
Pricing starts at a $500 minimum project fee.  I charge hourly for design, install and sourcing, often grouping projects in order to offer my clients the best rates possible.